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  1. - Knowledge in all designing softwares such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Coreldraw and Illustrator .Photoshop, illustrator etc. - Responsible for generating graphic and media (pictures, logos, charts, illustrations and infographics) essentials by using Photoshop, Coraldraw, Illustrator etc. Designing graphics and overall layout for the company website, Facebook Page, Digital Ads etc. - Visualize and design user interface for web and mobile applications. - Individual will be expected to have an excellent sense of visualization, composition, typography, imagery and colors. - Conceptualize ideas that bring simplicity and delight to the customer. - Good understanding of the role of a brand within an organisation is required and the importance of consistent corporate identity and communications. - Ability to create mockups quickly for discussion. - Ability to work in a team or sprint solo, on tight deadlines.
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