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  1. - Overall responsibility for all quality planning, quality management, and quality assurance activities in the BPO and Media operations. - Direct responsibility for the conformance to specifications of the process to be followed, as per the client requirements. - Overall responsibility for conducting the required tests on various process completed by agents, verification of all elements of the process at the specified frequencies. - Overall responsibility for implementing and reviewing a quality system, as defined by the management - Working with Operations Team and have additional responsibility to ensure that implementation of an effective internal audit program. - Support consumer response department in handling concerns related to product integrity. - Training the team member for better performance. - Knowledge about BPO, Social Media, Basic Browser Functionality - Understanding of Quality Assurance aspects of operation - Good interpersonal and communication skills - Good team player - Do periodic appraisal of the team. - Be vigilant with agents activities, to ensure there is a continuous improvement of delivery of processes handled by specific agents - Inform the top management with corrective measures.
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